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Just say YES


YYYEEESSS: 100 ways of saying YES
March 19-27th 2011
284 Princes St, Dunedin

When Yoko Ono made Yes a principle of her art in the 1970s, my response was well, Yes. And because I like working with textiles, I started saying YES in cloth until finally this year, I find myself with 100 ways of saying YES. It’s time to show. The Dunedin Fringe festival seems the perfect opportunity, since my art also plays on the edges.

YYYEEESSS is an exhibition of works in cloth, using many and various combinations of materials (mainly recycled), techniques and styles. I explore texture, transparency, and colour using patchwork, appliqué, thread, lace, trims, buttons, beads, and sequins, always using the word YES as a focus of the work. Wanting to make cloth objects that are more than decorative, I celebrate affirmation, active choice, and spontaneous delight – all concepts contained in the word YES. I love it that these concepts works on so many levels; at the same time saying YES to cloth, to the meanings of words, to creativity and connection, and to life itself.

My art celebrates the self from the viewpoint that making choices is the defining action of the individual. It also affirms resourcefulness, the value what’s already there – I use remnants kept and collected over decades, even working the smallest scraps into a piece. I embrace the way limited choice challenges me to make something beautiful or startling out of what I’ve already got, and with skill and imagination my scrap boxes become treasure troves.

I want my show to make you laugh or smile. I want you to say YES to imperfection, to a second life, to absurdity, and above all to the pleasures of the eye, heart, and mind.