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Looking for a little woollen cardigan in every shop in town and elsewhere, just wanting a bit of colour, in a style that fits well, and wool. Could I find one? There were many nice colours and styles in wool mixes, which look dreadful after 3 weeks even with hand washing. There were some lovely colours in merino but the styles are so Old Lady. Two months and some sad looking cardies later I found an opportunity for shopping in the Capital.
Thank goodness for Minnie Cooper, rich in all my requirements. I left her shop in Wellington completely delighted and feeling well dressed for winter, although slightly light headed at the scale of monetary separation I had just enacted. And I didn’t even dare look at the shoes.
Purple! Gold! Red and orange stripes! Blue and green stripes! Not just colour, but well cut warmth that makes me feel years younger.
And anyway, what is a savings account for?


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  1. You’re singing my song about clothing quality! I’ve been stung again and again by ruined-in-3-weeks-of-washing garments picked up on the cheap. It’s hard to beat Merino and other natural fibers, especially as I try to make the transition to natural (read: doesn’t work as well) deodorant! Enjoy your cosy Minnie Cooper threads Dr Frock, I’m sure they’ll bring you joy whenever you wear them

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