The eye must travel


Have you seen “Diana Vreeland: The eye must travel” yet? Watch this film if you want to see a woman with real style. Peppered with her Wilde-ish bon mots, the film is full of gorgeous visuals and interviews with the grand dame of C20th fashion. As editor of first Harper’s Bazaar then Vogue, she generated most of what we love about fashion magazines. Although no beauty herself, Diana showed the world how to dress well. Born in 1903 she lived well into her 80s, and in explanation of her fabulous life she gives the following advice: arrange to get born in Paris and the rest will follow naturally.
For those of us who love style but were born in NZ, this film offers a feast of encouragement even if it is too late to have dinner with Nureyev.


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  1. a great film on such a HUGE personality. saw an exhibit on her at the Fortuny museum in Venice which included original St Laurent and Balenciaga gowns also- AMAZING. Somehow Anna Wintour just doesn’t measure up…..

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